Blood Spirits

Blood Spirits

Would you give your life for a love that lasts forever?


Bad genetics mean I’m destined to die young, so I’ve made a vow to never fall in love. After all, why give someone my heart when it’ll stop beating before I’m 30? But meeting Radu changes everything. He’s tall, dark, and mysterious, and oh so sexy. Breaking my vow and falling for him must be fate because he has secrets that could change my destiny—and give me what I thought I’d never have: true love, a family, and the chance to live forever.

Would you betray your family to claim your one true mate?


When my family left Daerr and sought refuge on planet Earth, my duty as the eldest son required that I follow the lead of the matriarch of the family who wanted to dictate all areas including finding a mate for me. Yet the moment I lay eyes on Ashe, I know she’s my one true mate, and I’d do anything to make her mine. She sets my heart on fire and entices me in a way no other human could. Claiming her is reckless because she doesn’t know who—or what—I really am. And when our love faces the ultimate test, I’ll be forced to make an unthinkable choice: save her life or our unborn child.

Welcome to the dangerous and thrilling series of the Ardelean family (DAERR VAMPIRE TRILOGY), alien vampires who need human blood in order to survive, and who’ll do anything for the human women they love.

A part of the Tarka Universe, a new world created by Eden Ember.

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